A brief look at some of our projects


Morfee mountain downhill

Running from Morfee Mountain’s alpine to the base of the mountain and Morfee Lake, the trail network is a planned development that will be British Columbia’s longest shuttle access downhill trail once complete.

Shuttle access from Morfee Mountain Road will provide 13 km of trail with and approximately 850 m of decent on the main ridge-line epic trail. This trail starts with a 5 km ride through the alpine with amazing views of the Northern Rockies range before starting the main descent. This trail will be a blue-rated DH track suitable for novice to experienced riders. For shorter ride options a 1 km up track provides access to 4.3 km of downhill trail.

Portions of the trail network will be suitable for multiple use providing hiking opportunities right next Mackenzie.

Planning for this development commenced in 2017 in response to a local interest for more mountain bike specific trails in Mackenzie. To date 14 km of downhill bike trails have been planned and submitted for permitting, with 5.3 km of trail already scheduled for completion in 2020 dependent on grant funding and tenure approval.

Funding from McLeod Lake Mackenzie Community Forest and Recreation Sites as well as Trails BC has funded the planning of the first 14 km of trail, and further funding has been obtained from the BC Rural Dividend Program for additional trail development. 

Ezekiel (2).JPG

Ezekiel Climbing Area

A unique granite outcrop with stunning views looking north and south along the Rocky Mountain Trench, accessed at 18 km on the community connector. MORATA is planning development of the crag as a sport climbing area, in addition to a campsite along a nearby lake. Planning includes trail access to both the crag and the campsite.

An application for tenure for the trail and campsite has been completed and MORATA will begin development pending approval.


Backcountry Hut

MORATA is currently assessing potential locations for a year-round backcountry hut accessible from the Pine Pass.